Do you meet the requirements?


OK. I think I meet all the requirements - what now?


Step 1 - Application
Download an application form and, when you have completed it, return it to:
the Clerk to the Trustees, 32 Parkside Gardens,
East Barnet, Herts., EN4 8JR

Your application will be acknowledged and kept on file until the Trustees are able to activate the interview process.

Step 2 - Assessment
You will be invited to meet informally with the Clerk and the Finance Officer who will go through your application with you. They will make sure that you fully understand what the Trust offers and will give you the opportunity to elaborate on what you have said. They will also ask you to bring with you certain documents to support statements you have made regarding your personal and *financial situations.

Step 3 – Interview with the Trustees
All decisions are made by the Trustees so it will be necessary for you to meet with a small panel of Trustees (usually 4). The interview will be based on the information you have provided on your application form and to the Clerk and Finance Officer.
You will, of course, meet at all times with courtesy and understanding and your personal information will always be treated in the utmost confidence.

Step 4 - Letter of Appointment
If the Trustees are able to offer you a property, you will receive two copies of a letter of appointment, both of which you will be asked to sign. The one is for you to keep, the other must be returned to the Office. This exchange of letters forms the contract between you and the Charity and indicates your acceptance of the offer of accommodation. It also indicates acceptance of the terms, as set out in the letter, under which the offer is made.

Step 5 - Move In
Once letters have been exchanged, you will be able to arrange with the Site Manager a date for you to move in.
Normally this will be within one month of the date of your offer letter. It will also be possible for you to have access in the meantime to arrange for the laying of floor-covering, the installation of appliances etc..

*The holding of some modest savings will not jeopardise the qualification for an almshouse but it is essential that a full disclosure of personal circumstances and financial matters is made. Failure to do so could result in an offer being withdrawn later.